Access login page login

The web address allows the users to configure their router effortlessly through In case, you want to log into the Smart Wi-Fi Router or wanted to configure its settings by router login. You can choose to access the default web address of your router. However, the Linksys router setup is also made easy by using the Linksys Router Smart Wi-Fi App. You can also setup router through web-interface on your computer by accessing setup.

How to create linksys smart wifi account

Linksys Smart wifi account allows users to manage the devices connected to the router. You can also setup wireless security that enables your control over the wireless settings required for your home network. By creating the Linksys Smart wifi account you can easily check wireless settings, Parental controls and can have guest access on your linksys router. What else you can also block online content, monitor your Wi-Fi speed and manipulate guests that are connected to your router’s network. For this, all you need to do is access router account and install distinct smart Wi-Fi tools. These tools help you further in controlling your home network anywhere at any time. Setup Wizard

The Linksys Smart Setup Wizard has made it easy for the configuration of your Wireless router. The setup wizard is embedded in the firmware and is also available in case if your router is not connected to any internet connection. You can perform the given steps to access the setup wizard :

How to do Firmware Update

Users are habitual of turning on and off the routers whenever a delay occurs. Therefore, it is very important to regularly update the router firmware to keep it up to date. Firmware updates are bug fixes. Maintaining the updated firmware on your smart wifi router is important as it will solve any problems that may arise during use. Your router can also perform programmed or manual firmware updates.

The following segment will tell you the best way to upgrade your Linksys Router Firmware.

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Smart Router Factory Reset

If you have trouble logging into your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Login, you will need to reset the router default settings to factory defaults. Resetting your wireless router will erase all network settings and restore them to the factory default settings.

The reset button position may vary depending on your router model.

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Fix not working

There can be various situations where you can experience difficulties while accessing the local access interface of your Linksys smart wi-fi router. Thus, to fix not working issue, you can try using the givens steps:

  • Try to restart the Linksys smart Wi-Fi router.
  • Try using the IP address instead of using the default web address to access the setup page.
  • By entering the correct login username and password finish the linskys router login.
  • Other than, try resetting your Smart Wi-Fi router to its factory default settings and performing the setup from scratch. 

Despite this, if you are still facing the problem while accessing the local web interface you can ring us at the toll-free number or can also chat with us live.